Running Boston? Trying to get that BQ? Get on board and get ready to kickasso!

About Us


To be your best, you have to feel your best.

Have you ever felt sluggish or something didn't feel quite right, but you kept running because you didn't have time to go to the doctor in your busy schedule?  Well that is why I'm here and makes this so unique!  As an orthopedic Physician Assistant, I have the knowledge and ability to suggest and help point you in the right direction- should you get an iron panel or x-rays.  Don't wait around not knowing!


Medicine meets Running

Not only do I work full-time as a PA, but I run competitively.  After 4 years of collegiate soccer and track, I decided to focus solely on running.  With 20 marathons under my belt, which started out as casual and for fun, I went from a 3:57 marathon to 2:43.  It took years for anyone to realize I was extremely iron deficient until I recognized all my symptoms and urged my doctor to check.  My ferritin came back at a 4!  I then went from a 3:07 marathon to 2:59.  I'm still not done with the PR's!


Sign on to get and stay fit, healthy and fast

By signing up you have the ability to be coached by someone who can help you stay healthy and pinpoint any issues you might be having.  Every plan is unique as I do not believe in cookie cutter training plans.  That’s right, there is no single workout a group of people get!  It’s all based on your history, experience, strengths and goals.

The goal here is you and to help you improve while feeling great!

Local article on my approach and why I love coaching!